Thursday, 23 February 2012

Botox Limerick – Protect Your skin from Aging

Nowadays many non surgical options available for those who want to improve there looks quickly, easily and safely the most popular among these options is Botox treatment. Our skin is actually quite a bit more complex. It consists of three layers called the epidermis, the top layer, the dermis, the middle layer and the subcutaneous layer, the deepest layer. Each of layer is affected by aging in different ways, but the result comes is drier, more loose skin which, is unable to renew and heal itself as it could when it was younger. Botox Limerick is one of the famous trade names which are used to repair damaged cells of our skin.

Botox Limerick is used widely for the elimination of frown lines between the eyebrows, worry lines or horizontal forehead wrinkles and crow's feet or smile lines, around the eyes. Usually, chemicals are released by nerve cells, leading to a tightening of the muscles and the same results in fine lines and wrinkles. The work of Botox is to block the chemicals that weaken muscle contraction and polish your skin looks. According to the ancient myth, it was said that Botox paralyzed muscles in your face, but is now science and medical experts have shown that if treatment is workable, then it does reduce and relaxes the muscle response.  Botox in Limerick  is one of the most famous injected treatments which can affect in a positive way immediately. In some studies it is defined that this treatment is used for aesthetic purposes which means that it can also help in treating mental illness, body pain, etc.